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Arrow 1200 3I must admit, I like modern yacht design. And even more I like modern catamarans like the gunboats, the mattia slyder, the SIG 45, the new Outremers or the new Dazcats  from England, only to name a few. However, most of them are (way) out of my budget.

Arrow 1200 5


Not only for that reason I was looking at the flat panel construction method used by Schionning Designs Australia. When they introduced the Arrow 1200 in 2013 I was really overwhelmed. Their previous G-Force designs were stunning – but were not as easy to build.

Arrow 1200 2

The Arrow design is a 100% flat panel construction which keeps the building process fast and simple. Still, Jeff Schionning did an excellent job not making the boat look like an Ikea cupboard. In fact, the Catamaran looks pretty much the same as the latest G-Force designs.


Arrow 1200 4However, the underwater section seems quite edgy in comparison to the rounded hull bottoms. The question is – does it have an effect on the performance? I couldn´t say, but for us wanting a family cruiser the boat should definitely be fast enough! Jeff gives an estimate of 20+ knots top speed …



Arrow 1200 5Surely to fast for little Jamie! But I believe that good speed is a safety feature, being able to avoid bad weather when making passages of 500 nm in 2-3 days instead of 4-5 days on a mono. Of course the speed depends on keeping the boat light and on good quality sailcloth but I am sure we will not be disappointed.


Arrow 1200 7Drag is another key for good speed. This is one of the reasons why Jeff designed the Arrow 1200 with a single retractable outboard under the bridgedeck. Being used to having two diesels in my catamaran I first thought no! But thinking it over made the idea more and more favourable.


Arrow 1200 8It saves money and weight. Outboards are reliable and easy to maintain. There is no drag. Disadvantages: poor maneuverability, need for up- and downhaul. Petrol on board. We’ll see. If it doesn’t work we still can go for diesels.




Arrow interior layoutThe accomodation and interior layout works just fine for us. If you want a catamaran that doesn’t look like a flaoting wedding cake you can not expect four 200 cm wide bunks with ensuite bathrooms. Of course we could have gone longer. There is supposed to be an Arrow 1400 on the drawing board at the moment. But since we are mostly sailing Northern European waters with their narrow marinas and city harbours the 12 meters of our catamaran seem enough. The two queen sized bunks (140 cm) are surely sufficient for our needs. One head and shower should be ok for family cruising, just like the galley/saloon and outside area.

2 thoughts on “Arrow 1200 design

  1. Thomas W.

    congrats to the swift progress made, I have been following your gallery for a while now…
    I first came across Schionning Designs a few months ago after finding an older, more rounded design on offer, a Cosmos 1100, built by a Finnish yard.
    The Arrow 1200 design really impressed me at first sight. I am considering to build it and I was wondering, whether you would be willing to share your calculations on windows, doors, rigging, winches and sails etc.? Would you go for an alloy mast or a carbon spar? I am not asking for any details, just the rough estimates for the whole package (without kit and plans) would do.
    Thanks, kind regards and good luck!

  2. Kerry Thoomas

    Hi … I loved reading all your web site. It took me back 34 years when I built a Crowther 10 Cat in Aussie…. Sailed and lived aboard for 5 years was an exciting and wonderful time for us … I had a 12 hp Tohatsu electric start outboard. I was told that by changing the jet on the carb. It would turn it into a 15hp motor. Which I did…. The great guy who sold me the outboard also gave me a selection of props. As I had a lot of exp with monohul yachts I always found that the astern mode was always very powerless … SO I tried all the props until I found one that gave excellent forward power at low revs and good stopping power in astern, also had a top speed in head winds of up to 20 knots of 8.5 knots, once over 20 knots of wind speed decreased, but it never cause a problem. I only has ONE outboard central pod and retractable from water, electric start with pull start. I only had a 20ltr fuel tank and 3x20ltr Jerry cans…the outboard was enough to keep our batteries up with only one solar panel, we had a gas fridge which worked non-stop for 5 years and never a problem …
    I wish you bot well and calm seas
    god bless and be safe

    Kerry S H-T


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