Catamaran building latest fotos

It´s amazing how with every step it looks more and more like a boat!


port side


last outer hull part


bridgedeck glued


Upper part of the hull side attached …






… and partly glued.





The two parts of the bridgedeck bonded with microfibres and taped, peelply on top. The bridgedeck is glued to the hulls with microfibres and microshere cove, not taped yet.



detail of sole/web assembly

detail of sole/web assembly

The small Boards made of scrap Duflex are taped with film from below. A cove is created from underneath with microspheres and after curing the boards can be easyly removed. The floorboard can now be glued on to these “dummy coves” and taped to the hull sides and bulkheads. This creates watertight buoyancy compartments.