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  1. Christophe

    Hi Julia and Chris,

    I’m following your blog closely in the past few weeks.
    Your blog is looking great and it’s tremendous that the build is going so fast !

    We’re also considering starting the build for our own Arrow in the beginning of next year.
    But still need some answers to a few questions. Maybe you can help us with this one….
    Did you ever consider building your cat according to CE-requirements ?

    Thanks for your feedback,


    1. Christian Post author

      Hi Christophe,

      yes, our good progress surprises me as well, but Stefan’s crew is helping a lot!
      I thought about building the cat according to CE regulations and discussed the topic with Jeff and Stefan. Basically, CE adds a lot of weight because you have to use thicker laminate (e.g. the deck needs more than the 600 g/m2 of the Duflex Panels, according to CE) where it is actually not needed and it will raise the budget (more Material, supervision of a certified CE bureau). Schionning would have drawn the Arrow CE compliant without any additional charge but that would have busted my schedule. So I decided to stick to the plans as they are.

      Anyway, Tom from Netherlands is also planning to build the Arrow, so we are already three 😉 Great!

      Keep in touch, Christian

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