First Family Cruise

Summer holiday is over and we are back from our first family cruise. To say it in one sentence – we love our boat! Unfortunately we had some bad luck with our main sail which hasn´t been delivered in time. It´s an exhausting story but we are still hoping to get it before the season ends. So after being forced to stay in the marina because of strong winds up to 35 kn we finally took off, only with the 26 sqm jib to find out that the Arrow 1200 is a runner. In 18 to 22 knots of wind atTWA of 120 to 140 deg we almost hit 10 knots of boatspeed – promising 🙂


It was only a two hour trip from Schleimünde to Marstal because we didn´t want to overstrain the children but soon they all fell asleep and everything went fine. All systems worked well. The B&G instruments, chartplotter and autopilot did their work and Julia and I enjoyed our first sail with our Wild Thing.


Then came the first real challenge for the electric propulsion. To reach Marstal harbour we had to motor against 15 knots of wind and 1.5 knots of current. I did not want to stress the system that was all new to us, so we only went half throttle. The power consumption was 100 Amps, 80 delivered by the Generator and the rest from the batteries. SOG was about 3 knots which was okay for the 1.5 miles through the narrow channel. It drained the battery by only 10 % but at the time we tied the lines in Marstal the Generator had filled them up to almost 100 % again. Later that week we tested the system in depth at zero wind and these are the figures: Full speed is 6.4 knots, power consumption is 280 Amps @ 24 V what gives us about 80 minutes at full throttle. The speed we could reach with the current only delivered by the generator without draining the battery is 4.3 knots. Actually I was hoping for a little more but I think we might be able to improve the performance with a higher pitch of the propellers. Since the boat has to come out of the water to change the blades we can only try this next year. At least we know that everything works and the system is reliable so far.


The rest of the trip gave us fair winds and some sunny days as we did island hopping in the danish south sea. One of the many highlights was beaching the Catamaran at the easterly end of Avernako. What a sight, the boat half a meter ashore and the children playing on the beach. We stayed that way during the whole night, lying quiet and calm in the light breeze only hearing the hulls scratching the sand from time to time. The rudder boxes with hydraulic rams were uphauled and we were pleased that this worked fine as well.




Sailing with three very small children is a challenge. Safety is the main goal, no one must never ever go over board. What we do for their and our own I will let you know in a separate post. Also I plan to give you more information about some specialties of our yacht as there are electrics, rudder boxes and hydraulic steering, deck layout, interior … If you have any special interest let me know. We will try to cover as much as possible as far as our children let us 😉


August 2016, Julia, Chris, Hugo, Jamie and Matilda on WILD THING



4 thoughts on “First Family Cruise

  1. Tom

    In one word !! awesome !!.
    Good to see it all works.
    Very interested to hear more about the technical stuff.


  2. Carl and Beth McConnochie

    Your boat looks absolutely amazing in the water and the kids so cute. We are also building an Arrow 1200 in Port Stephens Australia and have been really enjoying ur blog. We are looking forward to seeing more interior photos and reading about your sailing adventures. We’ve been building about 7 mths. So far we’ve completed a carbon forebeam, rudders and daggerboards. The cabin top is suspended in our shed (thanks for that great idea ) We’ve reinforced all the cutouts on our bulkheads and are about to start on the hull proper —- at last!

    1. Christian Post author

      Hello Carl and Beth, thank you for your compliments and good luck with your project!

  3. Eckhard

    Woderfull report, and amazing to see pictures of an area where we used to go sailing in the past.
    I’m following your blog since quite some time and got a lot of inspiration from it for my own plans, which are a little bit different, due to circumstances. But I’m looking forward already to hear about your experiences, and may come back to you with questions. Will you or somebody from the shipyard be available at Hanseboat this year?
    Immer eine Handbreit Wasser unter dem Kiel – das genügt ja bei diesem Boot, das keinen Kiel hat 🙂

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