Forward section

Here are two photos of the forward section.

forward section


The space where Roman is working is going to be the diesel tank. It can hold apx. 200 liter and will be laminated directly into the structure. The opposite side will take the water tank, it will hold about 400 liter. To prevent sloshing we need to install 2 or 3 baffels with openings at the bottom.

forward section

The frame shows the size of the hatch. It is fairly large but it makes all four compartments accessible with only one hatch. Stefan used to install these on his own designs and they work very well. The hinges are going to be on the side, so you open it from the middle.  A gasket makes it watertight. With the anchor, chain and ropes and stuff the compartments still need a drain.

cabin top

We´re not far from installing the cabin top :-))