Today is the day!

Now it´s done. Today we ordered the plans for our Schionning Arrow 1200. What a moment! We are really doing to do it! And it´s going to be very exciting! So we´ll keep you updated on how we are going on with our Catamaran. If you have any questions or want to leave a comment, please feel free to do so! Also, there are still so many things to decide and we might need some help on the one or other item!

9 thoughts on “Today is the day!

  1. scape

    Eager to hear more details! This is a relatively unknown model, especially since it’s new, but I think might end up being a best seller.

    1. transparency Post author

      Hi Chris, at the moment VDL Composites are working on the kit, so there is not much to report. Building will start by mid of August, I´ll keep you updated. Chris

  2. Tom

    Hi again,

    If you don’t mind I have some questions.

    what type of propulsion do you think of?
    any changes to the design interior or exterior?
    how much time you think it will take to finish the project?
    Where in Germany are you located?

    with regards.

    1. transparency Post author

      Hi Tom,

      We are located in Dusseldorf but building takes place in northern Germany (Kappeln). It´s mostly done by Stefan Huttermanns team.
      Propulsion – at first I thought I couldn´t do without twin diesels but Stephan pointed out the advantages of a single outboard – reliable, easy maintenance, no drag, lightweight, saves money – so we didn´t change that option. We might add a bow thruster for better maneuverability.
      Interior layout – We would have loved to have double bunks in the bridgedeck but unfortunately this is not possible with this design. So we ended up to change nothing.
      Time – schionning calculates 4000 hours for non professionals, with the help of Stefan we´re hoping to be quicker.

      Thanks for your interest in our project


      1. Tom

        Hi Chris,

        I agree with Stefan about the advantages off outboards. Do you know Jeff Schionning recently designed a twin outboard option for the arrow? These outboards are retractable and placed in wells in front of the rudders. These are our choice.

        Interior; We also like the double bunks in the bridgedeck which a lot of Schionnings Designs have.
        The aft bunkss are a bit short and small for me, I plan on moving the cabin about 25 to 30 cm to the front, to create a bigger cockpit and longer aft bunks. ( if Jeff is okay with that)

        We also want to move the kitchen to the starboard float to have more cabin room.
        Our plan is to start in about a year, so if possible we would like to visit your build if its in a more advanced state.

        Thanks again.

        1. transparency Post author

          Hey Tom,

          I just found your website – what a nice boat, congrats!
          I didn´t know about the twin outboard option. They had it on the smaller wilderness designs, as I remember.
          Still, we will stick to the single outboard version. I´ll try to find a solution to make it rotate with the deflection of the rudders. We´ll see.
          Of course you are welcome to visit our building site. It´s always a good thing to share the thoughts of others!


  3. Tom

    Thanks we’re happy the way our boat turned out.

    Rotating the outboard will certainly help maneuvering ( we have it on our trimaran) and in combination with a bowthruster it will work for sure.

    We have had a lot of people visiting our boat when we were building it and I can say its always been nice to talk about a common interest. Thanks for the invitation, we are about 500Km away so thats not too bad,

    With regards,

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