Hull almost finished!

Hi all!

Sorry for not updating this blog more regularly. It is more time consuming than I thought and we have a lot of other things going on besides our building project. Julia is expecting again :-), due date is mid of September. And I am moving with my primary business ( also September :-() which is pretty stressful at the time.



Anyway. there are some new photos uploaded to the gallery, so have a look. It is incredible to see the real dimensions of the cat now. From time to time I thought the 1360 would have been better but now I am definitely convinced – this is the right boat! We changed our mind regarding the tiller steering. Though I like the idea to be linked to the boat in a direct way I could not see where to sit safely as a helmsman with good sight and in reach of the sheets. So we decided to close the left window of the main bulkhead and install a wheel at that place. See the gallery for more explanations.

The next steps will be installing the remaining interior (galley, salon seating), the daggerboard cases, the electric drives and the rudders. Exciting!!!!

One more thing 😉 …. We get a lot of requests of people wanting to visit us. We perfectly understand your desire but for us it is hard to make all the arrangements, especially in the next couple of months. What we might do is selecting a weekend lets say end of October and do the sightseeing in a more compact way. Anyone who is interested, please let me know.

All the best and happy summer


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  1. Tom


    yes I am very interested to visit the build. My main reason for it is to experience the dimensions of the boat. After building a F32 trimaran I am convinced we have the skills to build this beauty.

    Regards Tom

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