3 thoughts on “Starting with the interior – pretty easy :-)

  1. Ewan

    Looks Great! What are they made from and do they come pre-cut with the kit?
    Good luck with the rest!

    1. Christian Post author

      You have to order the interior kit seperately. The panels are made of 13 mm lightweight foam.

    2. Inga von der Linden

      Hi Ewan,
      we are the supplier of the DuFLEX Kit.
      The interior panels are part of the Kit and come all nested like the hulls.
      Its DuFLEX Foam with 13 or 15mm Divinycell 60kg/m³ PVC Foam and 1 layer of 600g/m² Biaxial 0/90° Glas each side.
      If you need further info please write to info@vdlcomposites.com

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