Templates for the cabin Top


Starboard hull ready sanded

Here are 2 Pics of what we did last week. The glassed part of the hull is now ready filled and sanded, so we are able to turn the hull in the next couple of days.





Cabin top templantes


The other thing we did was setting up the MDF templates for the cabin top. These have also been CAD cut by VdL Composites. Our cat is taking shape ….

2 thoughts on “Templates for the cabin Top

  1. Bernd

    Hi Chris,

    I am following your blog with great interest. The Arrow design looks very promising and I can’t wait to see one on the water. I am living in Australia and did some sailing down here on a small trailer trimaran (http://sailing-the-coral-coast-2013.blogspot.com.au). Now I am looking at building a catamaran in a few years time and it probably is going to be a Schionning as well.
    I hope to visit my family in Germany next year and would also be very interested in seeing the build (if it is not finished by that time) ;-).
    Please keep us posted!


    1. Christian Post author

      Hello Bernd,

      I am very pleased that you like our blog. I had a short glance at your coral coast trip, looks fantastic. Hope some day we can explore it by ourselves 😉
      Whenever you are in Germany feel free to contact us, so we can arrange something to see the boat, even when it´s finished by then.

      Cheers, Chris

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