Weekly Update Aug. 10, 2014!

What happened last week?

vdL Composites delivered the complete shell kit and their newly built z-press. Helge of vdL came up on Sunday . The whole Monday we worked together and Helge gave us instructions on how to use the press and join the panels. The first row of 11 panels was glued and finished by Monday evening!

The Z-Joins are brushed with resin (or use a cartridge system, see picture in last post), the panels are precisely merged and put into the hydraulic heated press.


It only takes about 15 min then for the resin to cure and you can already work on the next join. Fairly easy and fast job to do. We think the 102 panels will be ready joined by mid of next week.

There is a nice video on the ATL Composites site where everything is explained an shown.


Z-Press video