What´s going on?

Hi all!

No news for a long time, so you might be wondering what is going on? Well, the building is taking a break at the moment. Not for long, but currently I am very occupied with my work at home. From Easter on we want to continue with the building and that will be the time when the next updates and photos will be available. Meanwhile, we decided to go for the E propulsion. End of January we had the boot exhibition here in Dusseldorf. We talked to a lot of people, got quotes for various solutions (Inboard Diesel, saildrive, shaft drive, outboards …) but finally got stuck with the greenstar electric propulsion. Despite all the concerns and comments (thank you Tom for your detailed and profound analysis) we want to give it a try – though try is not the right word. Greenstar Marine has already 500 systems installed in Scandinavia over the past 7 years. I am quite optimistic that it all works out the way we wanted it. The only thing undecided is the battery choice. That must wait until the whole system is ready installed.

Another thing we decided at the boot fair was the choice of mast and boom. Though we liked the idea of the demountable carbon mast by CCR ( http://www.dr-ulken.com/ ) we opted for a conventional alloy mast by VMG ( www.masterspars.com ). I am still waiting for a quote for a full carbon mast but I guess this will be out of our budget – even though it would fit the boat quite well!

Meanwhile in my little spare time I am working on the two daggerboards. Schionnings original design has a wooden spine, foam core and a carbon/glass laminate. Paul and Jolanda from the Netherlands are currently working on the daggerboards for their Gforce 1500C                             ( www.facebook.com/Zeilmee.nl ), they have some pretty nice pictures. I decided for a hollow construction, made of two halves vacuum bagged in a mould. There will be a separate post on this in the near future.


4 thoughts on “What´s going on?

  1. Robert

    Were you able to negotiate with Greenstar or were they fairly firm on their quoted prices?

    Did you consider one diesel on Port side and one electric motor on Starboard as recommended on Shionning site?

    thank you

    1. Christian Post author

      Hi Robert,

      We settled the deal with the German distributor of greenstar and whisperpower at the Duesseldorf boat fair and were able to negotiate a good price. The whole system is probably still more expensive than the twin diesels but I did not calculate it down to the last Euro. We did consider the one diesel/one electric option but in the end the whole system of Diesel Generator, Inverter, LiFePO4 Batteries and electric propulsion made sense. If it works the way it is supposed to. Maybe I will remember Doug´s comment in a few years time … but I am rather optimistic!


      1. Robert

        I believe is key to the system working for you is the weight of the boat. In 2007, I met a gentleman on a Manta 42 with electric motors. The boat was too heavy and he had serious problems. The technology has improved since then and I believe you have the perfect type of boat to make this system work well and safe for you.

  2. Christian Post author

    Yes, saving weight is most important to me. The hulls of the arrow are really narrow and adding weight will cost a lot of performance. The electric option will be about 100 kg lighter than the twin diesels. In addition I will save weight with the batteries, using the Lithium instead of Lead. I want to try electric cooking. The integrated inverter delivers pure sine wave AC to power a cheap induction cooker. If it works I will add an electric oven. That saves me 20 kg for a Propane installation and the gas hazard. If it doesn´t I can still go for the gas bottles. In theory the system has a lot of advantages, hope they all work out practically too.

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