Wild Thing – You make my heart sing

What an exciting moment. Last Saturday it was finally time to pull our Arrow 1200 out of the shed, step the mast and put her into the water. There are so many things to do at the moment to fit her out properly for our first sailing adventure in August, I will post details later. Here are some snapshots:

A few tasks to do

A few tasks to do


Get her moving

Get her moving

crane lifting ....

crane lifting ….

... into the water

… into the water


2 thoughts on “Wild Thing – You make my heart sing

  1. Tom

    Awesome sight !!?
    Congratiulations. We love to see sailing pictures / movies and hear about how the electric propulsion works out.
    Fair winds and good luck sailing Wild Thing !

    Cora and Tom.

  2. Alberto dos santos

    WOW Congratulations!!!
    She looks like a sprinter, mile munching in comfort.
    Happy sailing.
    do you have a rough estimate on the overall cost of the build, plans included?



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